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Anti Intruder Measures

Anti Intruder Measures

A variety of options

Many fencing styles can be described as security fencing, in particular, anti-intruder chain link, steel palisade, vertical bar with spiked top, mesh panel fencing, concrete panel fencing, etc..  Each style has different advantages and disadvantages, but they can all have features added, to give higher levels of security and further anti-intruder properties.

Barbed wire

  • Barbed wire extensions – a single steel angle extension, cranked or straight is fixed to the post and takes a standard of three lines of barbed wire.
  • Double barbed wire extensions – Two cranked extensions are provided, each taking three lines of barbed wire and are fixed to form a ‘Y’ shape.

Razor wire

This is becoming ever more popular in the anti-intruder field.  It comes in a variety of styles:

  • Barbed Tape – To be used as straight lines
  • Coiled – Flat rolls that can be stretched to form a flat defence
  • Concertina – Rolls of razor wire that are stretched out in a concertina fashion to give a three dimensional defence

Razor wire can be used in much the same way as barbed wire:

  • Single angle extensions to take three lines of barbed tape or to take flat coils
  • Double angle extensions to take six lines of barbed tape or to take flat coils
  • Double angle extensions as above, but with concertina razor wire between

Anti-Intruder Spike

This is our own design – a self-rotating multi-spiked top rail that creates a very effective anti-scaling top for most fence styles (pictured above).  The pales are 75mm wide and are welded to tube at 75mm centres, they are placed around the tube to provide complete coverage.  The tube is designed to rotate freely making it very difficult to gain an effective hand or foothold.  There are other multi-spiked options on the market and of course we are able to supply and fit those also.

Cheval de Fris

Quite a posh name for a fan!  Used where an area cannot be secured with fencing on all sides, an anti-intruder fan will prevent intruders from scaling round the end post.

Burying and Sills

For the bottom of the fencing; chain link, weldmesh, welded mesh panels and steel palisade can be buried into the ground to prevent borrowing under or alternatively a concrete sill can be laid underneath.

Security fencing need not be expensive, but intruders can be persistent and the best methods of anti-intruder fencing should be chosen having considered the holistic scenario

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