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Built-in Ambient Light

Built-in Ambient Light

Installation of built-in lights – in fences, water zones, playgrounds and sidewalks, pools, advertisement boards, roofs, roof constructions and other tall structure

The lighting of the fences and the built-in lighting on them has also security functions, so that such lighting should be considered even in the most unattractive, secluded and remote parts of the fence.

These remote parts are the weak points of each plot and must be properly secured and lighted.

The night lighting of the water zones and the swimming pools is also necessary, despite the fact that it is really beautiful.

The integrated lighting for swimming pools and other water areas can be mounted in the pavement at the very bottom of the pool, as well as on the steps along the board or the water area.

In any case, the appropriately lit pools at night are just as much an attraction as they are during the daytime, and last but not least they also offer better safety for the traffic of people or vehicles.

The illuminated advertisements of restaurants, night bars, clubs, shops and many other objects in the night are a necessity as well.

During the night the light attracts the eyes of the people and the message that the advertising boards carry becomes even more powerful. The attractively illuminated advertising is even better than just the good advertising.

The lighting of the high roofs and other tall structures is necessary in order to mark the height of the building. This is required as a landmark for the low flying airplanes and helicopters.

If you need light project, call us. We can prepare a suitable project for you and then implement it.

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