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Design And Installing Of Façade Lighting

Design And Installing Of Façade Lighting

Façade lighting can make any building appear magnificent during the night. During the day it is the daylight and the architectural features that make a building beautiful but at night this is up to façade lighting which can enhance or soften specific elements of a building and the surrounding areas better than daylight.

Apart from its esthetic function, façade lighting also has the function to protect buildings from vandalism.
Also, it is much more pleasant and safer to pass by a well light building than by a dark one.

Façade lighting can be in different colours or combinations of colours depending on the appearance and style of the building and the surrounding areas. What is more, façade lighting can be placed along the whole building or only on parts of it
– windows, balconies, and specific architectural elements like visible columns, capitals, arches, vaults, sculptures, etc.
– The lighting could also be only under the eaves or only at the base of the building.

There are numberless variants but in the end the most suitable façade lighting also takes into account the function of the building. It can be placed both on the building – spotlights, fairy lights, single integrated lamps and off the building but pointing at its façade.

This is most often done with spotlights placed around the building – on plinths, in the green areas and even in the pavement around the building. It is also possible the blinds of the lighting fixtures to be changeable so that their colours would vary and change.

There are also special lighting fixtures which “catch” nocturnal insects and stop them from entering the rooms.

Façade lighting projects and their installation is a creative task which has to be done with knowledge, flair and esthetic sense.
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