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Operations And Maintenance

Operations And Maintenance

Facility Management & Operations

Develop Environmental Consciousness

  • Minimize Facility Obsolescence
  • Lower Total Cost Ownership
  • Increase Net asset Value
  • Increase Business Bottom Line

We understand what it takes to make your facility sustainable over its entire life. We are committed to implementing innovative solutions throughout a facility’s life cycle to ensure good maintenance remains affordable for our clients, protects against premature obsolescence, and provides for environmental sustainability. Our operational staff’s effectiveness encompasses total quality management and value engineering. By providing this peace of mind, our customers are able to concentrate on their core businesses.
We do not sub-contract technical responsibility. We self-perform on technical services and ensure compliance with technical standards of excellence including LEED or BOMA BESt. We look upon our suppliers and service providers as project partners, contractually transparent to our client, and visibly meeting Aztech standards for excellence.

Every building system has a useful life expectancy and we undertake to document, project, plan, and budget for its replacement or retrofit to limit the impact of unexpected capital replacement costs on our clients’ operations and maintenance budgets.

Facility Management and Operations (FMO) is the total operation and maintenance of a facility in partnership with the client. Components of the FMO package include

  • Supply and management of a highly skilled, well-equipped workforce
  • Operations and maintenance programs tailored to each facility
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System
  • Subcontract management
  • Materials purchasing
  • Quality control, technical training and safety programs
  • Energy & Sustainability Services
  • 24 hour emergency response
We use an intelligence driven approach in our Energy and Sustainability Services through monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy and resources. Our goals are to maximize our customers return on their investment; increase their net asset value of commercial infrastructure; increase occupant health and well-being; keep them current in the changing world of sustainable practices and technologies; and overall, improve our customers’ bottom line.
With energy as the cornerstone of our sustainability services program, We offer comprehensive energy analyses for facilities including:
    • Energy Analytics:
      • Benchmarking
      • Cost Avoidance and Cost Forecasting
      • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting
      • Monthly, Quarterly, and, Annual Reporting
    • Energy Conservation Measures Identification and Implementation
    • Traditional Building Assessment and Life Cycle Analyses

We integrate simple, tangible, and measureable sustainability initiatives into our FMO services that benefit our customers economically, culturally, and environmentally.

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