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Parking Management Systems

Parking Management Systems

Just Do Your Business As Usual And Leave The Parking Issues To Us…

We are one-stop-shop parking solutions provider offering end-to-end services from design, supply, systems integration, installation, and commissioning, to operation and maintenance. We have executed large scale parking management system projects in the region with over 20,000 parking slots in total.

We aim to maximize your business’ potential and increase the satisfaction level of customers that visit your site by enhancing the efficiency of your parking facility. We utilize our experience in traffic management and systems integration to provide professional parking management & security solutions.
Since we believe that each car park is unique and require customized management systems in order to achieve optimal operation, we take a systems approach in designing entries and exits, traffic flow, guidance systems, payment systems, and access management of every parking project that we handle.

We Are Your Professional Partner In Providing Parking Management Systems That Include

  • Car Park Equipment & Management Systems
  • Parking Guidance Systems
  • Valet Parking System – Smart Valet™
  • On Street Parking Control Systems
  • Parking meters and pay & display
  • Integration of access control and security features such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), CCTV Surveillance, and others.
  • Traffic Barriers
  • Electro-mechanical / Hydraulic / Manual Bollards

Signage of Parking Areas

Let Traffic Tech Optimize Your Parking Facility For You To Maximize Revenues Of Your Parking Operation And In Total Increase Your Business’ Growth By

  • Creating an “inviting environment” for customers, as soon as they reach your establishment, to increase customer loyalty.

Enabling your business to charge a premium for the use of your efficient & user friendly parking facility.

Our Scope Includes

  • Complete parking management system design with comprehensive parking facility assessment and recommendation.
  • Systems integration including recommendation of appropriate technologies.
  • Installation and commissioning.

Operation and maintenance

After-Sales Services

Since we value long term partnership with our clients, after-sales services is an equally important aspect of our business. We offer services including:

  • Parking facility operation including manpower supply
  • Preventive and periodic maintenance contracts
  • 24/7 on-call technical support

Traffic Tech employs a dedicated team of engineers and technicians solely attending day-to-day operation, service and maintenance activities.

Entries & Exits 

Choose From A Variety Of Automated Technologies To Register Entry Time And Other Vehicle Information

  • Barcode Technology – tickets
  • Magnetic Stripe Technology – cards/tickets
  • Transponder Technology – chip coin/cards
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Automate Entry Of Vehicles With…

  • Automatic Barriers
  • Vehicle Detection Loops
  • Entry Log Devices
  • Ticket/card dispenser, ANPR camera, proximity devices (RFID)

Facilitate Parking Fee Payments By…

  • Pay on Foot Machine
  • By cash or cashless payment (credit/debit cards)
  • Manual Cashiering
  • Subscription Payment

Central Management System Full Control Over Your Parking Facility

Ease your worries on overseeing your parking facility’s operation.

With user control, full access and visibility on the status of all the system components, and with report generation just a click away, you will spend less time on your parking concerns and can focus more on other aspects of your business.

Traffic Tech Delivers Parking Management Solutions With State-of-the-art Software Features That Includes But Not Limited To

Device Control

  • Control and status monitoring of all the devices connected to the system.

User Management & Audit

  • Every operator of the system is assigned a user name, a password, and an authorization profile.
  • Authorization profile controls the use of systems’ functions. Each operator can only access functions that are assigned to them.
  • The system continuously logs user and application activity that provides traceability for future use.

Alert Processing / Grey List Tracker

  • Predefined fault scenarios can be configured to trigger an alarm on the system. This enables the user to address component faults as soon as it occurs.

Difference Counting Module

  • Provides information on occupancy of each level and the complete car park, number of reserved and unreserved spaces, booked spaces, and total spaces.
  • Automatic entry blocking when the car park is full.
  • Use of threshold values to control signs and car park levels
  • Automatic sign control (free/full) depending on the number of cars in the car park.
  • Manual blocking/unblocking of reserved spaces, unreserved spaces, or all spaces.
  • Manual sign control.

Customer Administration/Invoicing

  • Optional application that provides powerful tools to manage billing & customer administration of season parkers.
  • Lump sum method – invoicing based on total transactions registered and charged.
  • This option also provides access management (time based or based on vehicle volume of the car park) of season parkers on the facility.

“Know The Revenues Of Your Parking Operation At Any Given Time”

  • Settlement reports acquired by the system based on the compression of sales data records of various field devices (automatic pay stations, manual sales devices, handheld units, exits) can be generated at any given time.

Individual settlement report per field device can also be generated by the system.

Features & Benefits Of Parking Management & Guidance System
Entries & Exits System Back-up

  • All entries & exits have individual computers that stores data / transactions in case of network failure and transmits all the stored data to the server once network connection is reestablished.

Multi-Purpose Network

  • The systems’ network can be used by multiple services needed for parking operations.
    • IP Cameras, digital CCTV systems
    • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
    • Intercom-over-IP
    • Facility-control systems
    • Remote support
    • Web interface


  • Highly secured transportation of data on payments (i.e. credit card numbers) and other client personal information.
  • IPSec-Encryption (using a crypto co-processor) that meets international regulations.
  • Certified VPN-Firewall


  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Reliable but medium –cost network components.
  • Easy configuration and almost maintenance free, even in long term operation.

Overall Benefits…

  • Increased customer satisfaction/loyalty.
  • Reduced vehicle build-up at entries, exits, and aisles.
  • Shorter vacant slot search times resulting to less vehicle emission.
  • With lower vehicle emission, ventilation cost will also be reduced.
  • Operator have visibility on utilization of each parking level/location.
  • Cost optimization. Progressive opening of levels as necessary . Closed levels At Airports…
  • Traffic congestion at entrances will be reduced.
  • Customers reach boarding gates on time.

At Shopping Malls…

  • Customers can spend more time shopping rather than looking for parking space.
  • Increased customer satisfaction. Convenient parking experience will be valued by customers.
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