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Plastering And Decorative Plasterwork

Plastering And Decorative Plasterwork

We can offer you a wide variety of mosaics, decorative mosaics, plasters and decorative plasters.

Depending on the bonding agent, plasters can be mineral, silicone, silicate and polymer. Decorative plasters with mineral base can have an extremely beautiful rustic structure.

The diversity of plasters with rustic structure is due to the different size of the fractions and the depth of the tracks left after the plastering and also to the way they are plastered to the surface – vertically, horizontally, with a round motion or as a combination of all.

Decorative plasters can be used both internally and externally – depending on their technical specifications.

Apart from being decorative, plasters also have a protective function. They provide heat, hydro and noise insulation to a various extent. External plasters must be weather resistant and withstand temperature fluctuations and the intensity of the sun’s rays.

It is important to know that darker plaster colors attract more sunrays and during the hot months of the year they might be the reason for the higher temperature inside the rooms.

In winter darker plasters also attract more sunrays, but cool down a lot during the night. This process of expansion from the heat and then contraction leads to their cracking and quick damage. That is why exterior plasters are in lighter and neutral colors.

Interior plasters can be in any colour – there is no limitation. However, there is a main requirement that they are free of any poisonous substances and odors that could endanger not only the comfort but also the health of the inhabitants.

The mosaics we offer will make your home, bathroom, garden or balcony very beautiful and even exciting and unusual. Glass and ceramic mosaic tiles allow an endless number of combinations of colours and images. We can also make a unique stone mosaic for you.

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