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Suspended Ceilings

Installation Of Suspended Ceilings

 In recent years the suspended ceilings have become especially popular. Following the fashion trends,the suspended ceilings can come in various shapes, sizes and can offer additional effects.

They can successfully conceal imperfections on the slabs – cracks, bends and bumps, while the premises are achieving a modern and contemporary look.

The suspended ceilings are made due to both designers’ projects and for a purely functional point of view. It has been proven that the bathrooms without windows, in which were installed suspended ceilings “breathe” and in that case with adequate ventilation the moisture and therefore the quantity of the microorganisms and mold that are often seen in similar conditions are reduced.

When the suspended ceilings have been properly designed and implemented, the vapor will not condense on the ceiling and will remain in a state of steam, until retrieved by the ventilation system.

The suspended ceilings are also applied in cases where the premises have high ceilings that are disproportionate to the other dimensions of the room.

Since the small rooms with very high ceilings create discomfort for many people, a good decision would be the formation of a false ceiling.

This method is often used in toilets or restrooms of large stores, shopping malls, manufacturing plants and other, as well as in some attic premises that are small in size, but with a ceiling that is too high.

Most often, the suspended ceilings are made from plasterboards, which are attached to the ceiling in different ways with metal bars and grills, single dowels, consoles and other.

The suspended ceilings can also be made from a metal frame with different modules, in which are placed layers of gypsum board or also from the modern boards from Styrodur, Styrofoam and their derivatives.

Large ventilation and heating pipes that are running through all major public buildings are successfully concealed thanks to the suspended ceilings as well.

In the suspended ceilings are successfully installed various luminaries – most often these are freckles, plafonds and any other types of electric light sources.

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