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Waste Water Or Sewage Treatment Plant

Waste Water Or Sewage Treatment Plant

Reclaiming Water From The Drains

We offer water reuse plant that purifies treated wastewater and turns it into high quality water for potable or industrial use. It is safe, environment friendly and energy efficient. The RSHS wastewater treatment process is sustainable. It consumes very little energy (in some cases lower consumption than the energy consumed for ground-water pumping and piping), and utilizes low levels of purification chemicals (detergents) that are comparable to the amounts used today for purifying your existing tap water.

Key Features

  • Proven, robust, advanced sand filtration system that can handle high levels of total suspended solids
  • Chemical-free pre-treatment reduces environmental impact
  • Effective Reverse Osmosis process that purifies the water to high purity levels


  • Robust
  • Advanced technology
  • Quality, advanced sand filtration system
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Highly purified water this reverse osmosis
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